Q13 News Coverage of Sammy

An Afternoon Walk Turns Deadly For A Seattle Woman’s Beloved Dog

Pet Owner Says The Animal Was Electrocuted By Sidewalk Power Plate


A local dog owner speaks out after the love of her life is shocked to death on a Seattle sidewalk.  Lisa McKibbin has a warning for animal owners, also parents and their kids about the potential dangers lurking below their feet.   

“Sammy was the best boy in the world he was my baby he loved to go on walks,” said McKibbin.

But, a walk on Thanksgiving afternoon on Queen Anne turned out to be their last together.

“I couldn’t tell because he was just convulsing so much and just screeching I didn’t know what was happening and I was screaming for someone to help me,” said McKibbin.

Lisa says Sammy was killed after stepping on a metal power plate at the base of a light pole outside Bricco’s Wine Bar.

“I put my hand in Sam’s mouth and I felt a shock of the electric waves coming from his mouth and he said your dog has been electrocuted,” said McKibbin.

Lisa believes stray voltage killed him and she wants Seattle City Light to now inspect all of its plates and light poles.

“It is so painful to watch your dog die of such a horrific thing,” said McKibbin.

On Sunday Q13 Fox News talked with a bunch of dog owners on Queen Anne who say they’re now avoiding power plates because of what happened to Sammy.

Quyen Chan says City Light should make those inspections.

“This could probably happen anywhere else, they need to check this everywhere,” said Chan.

The power company calls this a tragic and freak accident.  And, in a statement to Q13 Fox News Wrote:

“Seattle City Light extends our sympathy to the Bostdorff and McKibbin families in the loss of their dog Sammy.  The electrical circuit feeding the streetlight has been disconnected.  Safety is our highest priority.  A Seattle City Light crew will be working on it Monday.”

The company says people should not worry about this happening again.

Lisa isn’t so sure she urges dog owners and people with children to avoid these power plates.

“I just don’t want anybody else to go through this,” said McKibbin.

Lisa has filed a Police report and plans to talk with Seattle City Light about Sammy’s death.  She’s even started a blog that talks about the dangers of stray voltage for people and animals.  Lisa says her vet is even going to talk with other vets about this deadly hazard.

To see the video, please go to this link:


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