Sammy Needs Your Help: Please let Seattle City officials know what you think

I am concerned about public safety. I want answers to a deadly hazard that killed Sammy, Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25th, 2010. Robert Pregulman is working on a website for seattle dog owners. His blog is the first step, Below is template (or example) for people to use to send to our City officials (i.e., Mayor, Councilmembers), all you have to do is add anything else you feel is pertinent to keep our neighborhoods safe from another tragedy, one of which poor Sammy was an innocent victim and did not deserve to die. Just cut and paste the letter to your email and send. Email addresses of city officials are included toward the bottom too. As I stated in my interviews, this could’ve been a child,(Sammy was 70lbs) or me, or anyone else killed, we need to hold the City of Seattle accountable, if we are quiet there will be no changes made to improve public safety. We need to speak up, we elected these people, they need to hear from us that we are concerned residents and we want to make sure all of our streets and sidewalks are safe. Please, this is not just for Sammy, it is for YOU, your kids, your animals, your loved ones!! All of the info to reach out to City officials is below, just sign and send!

In my eyes, Sammy is a hero, he has saved lives, including my very own. We need to speak up!

The cities of New York and Toronto are just a couple examples of where people and animals have died from electrocution while walking on the sidewalk or street; these cities are taking steps to solve this problem and have made significant advances and improvements in public safety. I have learned of a 14 year old girl electrocuted and killed on a softball field in Baltimore (Druid Hill Park) as well as dogs recently electrocuted and killed while walking on the streets in Albuquerque and Denver.

This is so important everyone, this should never have happened to Sammy. It should not happen to ANYONE. We don’t want this to happen again to any human, child or animal.

Thank you all so much in advance, I told you I was going to be on a mission, this is a very serious issue that deserves attention and we need to let our City officials know of this deadly unseen hazard so that they can take action and prevent this from happening again.

Please, if you would help Sammy, our community and forward this email to anyone and everyone you know, Sammy was a lover boy,he would not want anyone else to die, we need to ensure our public safety.

Peace~Hugs~Love~Lisa and Sammy

You may have already seen this but here is my post about contacting city officials. Please forward it to whomever you want and let’s start getting those calls into City Hall!

In my post (Robert’s blog) yesterday I noted that Seattle City Light and the Seattle Department of Transportation are engaged in game of finger pointing regarding which entity is responsible for inspecting and approving the privately installed streetlight that electrocuted Lisa McKibbin’s dog Sammy on Thanksgiving Day.
I also wrote that Mayor Mike McGinn and the Seattle City Councilmembers who oversee Seattle City Light have made no public statements about determining what government entities were responsible for Sammy’s death and holding them accountable. They have also said nothing about what the City is going to do to make sure none of the city’s other streetlights pose safety hazards to the public.
I think the best way to get our public officials engaged in this issue and move the agencies they oversee from finger pointing to problem solving is to let them hear from their constituents. Here is a sample message you can send to them by phone or email to let them know your concern about their actions on this issue thus far:

This letter is an example of what you can write, so please feel free to change the wording:

Dear ,
I’m extremely disturbed regarding the way Seattle City Light, the Seattle Department of Transportation, and the City of Seattle have responded to the death of Sammy, the dog owned by Seattle resident Lisa McKibbin, on Thanksgiving Day.
Sammy was electrocuted when he stepped on a metal plate next to a privately installed streetlight on Queen Anne Avenue. While Seattle City Light has fixed the wiring that electrified the metal plate, it has told the public nothing about what it plans to do to ensure streetlights in other parts of the city pose no threat to the safety of people, children, and pets. Also, instead of showing a willingness to figure out what entity was responsible for approving the faulty wiring, SCL and SDOT are blaming each other and abdicating any responsibility for the incident.
I am also upset that neither the Mayor nor anyone on Seattle City Council have made a public statement regarding Sammy’s death or what will be done to find out how the unsafe streetlights were approved and ensure streetlights in other parts of the city are safe.
Seattle residents have a right to know that they can walk down city streets with their children and pets without having to worry if they will be electrocuted when they touch a metal plate on the sidewalk.
Please let me know how you plan to find out what entity was responsible for approving the safety of the faulty streetlight and what you will do to assure the public that streetlights in other parts of Seattle pose no threat to public safety.
Phone Number

Here are the names, emails, and phone numbers of the city officials you should contact:
Seattle City Council Members who oversee Seattle City Light (Energy, Technology, and Civil Rights Committee):
Committee Chair Bruce Harrell – 206-684-8804
Committee Vice-Chair Richard Conlin – richard.conlin@seattle.-gov 206-684-8805
Committee Member Nick Licata – 206-684-8803
Committee Alternate Mike O’Brien – 206-684-8800
Mayor Mike McGinn – 206-684-4000 There is no direct email listed for the Mayor so go to his contact page to paste and send the email,

These politicians will not address this issue unless they hear from the public, so please call or email them. You can also forward this post to other people.

Do not allow the people who we elected to ignore Sammy’s death or our public safety. Email or call them today!!!

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2 Responses to Sammy Needs Your Help: Please let Seattle City officials know what you think

  1. Carole Bacon says:


    My condolences on your loss of Sammy. I am hoping you can tell me when you are planning to spread his ashes as I would like to cover it for our readers in the local community. I am also hoping you can contact me via email ( or via cell phone (206) 650-7450 whenever you have a few minutes.
    I appreciate your time.
    Thank you,

  2. isabella says:

    i will email and phone this week. thank you for doing all that you are doing to help this sort of tragedy not happen again.

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