Things my mom (and me) loved about Sammy, sweet boy…

Things I loved about Sammy and much more~

-How he howled whenever the telephone rang, singing along with the tune

-How he purred whenever he was petted

-How he stood on the back of the sofa, looking out the window to see what was happening in the neighborhood, leaving his slimy nose prints on the glass

-How he slept under the covers

-How he got so excited whenever we brought a new bag of food into the house, smelling it, and wagging his tail

-How he was so happy to see us returning from anything, his whole body vibrating

-How he loved to run up and down the yard, back and forth, incessantly, at huge speed, with his ears flying

-How he loved to stand up on the fence, watching everything around

-How he loved to swim and retrieve things, he would have been an awesome dock dog

-How enthusiastic he was to go to Nose Works class and master birch and anise, only second to Tucker by about 25 seconds, and he loved practicing the skill at home too

-How he licked everything new in the house

-How he scratched the door to come in

-How we had to console him whenever there were sirens

-How he loved the bunnies at Discovery Park, and became motionless/pointing at things we couldn’t see there

-How he played tug-of-war with Lucy, and also trying to master squeaky toy contests

-His nose working first thing in the morning when we went outside

-How he loved the ‘food room’, where we kept his food

-How he loved our homemade treats, especially tuna melts and peanut butter/banana cookies

-How he loved to look out the car window, hanging his head over the back of the seat

-How he learned a vocabulary of rabbits, ducks, geese, cows, horses

-How he kissed Lucy, telling her he loved her

-How he was never afraid to go to the vet, instead he liked it, because he would be touched and loved

-How he used to wake me up at sunrise to be fed by sticking his big, cold nose in my face, saying ‘get up! feed me!’, and in summer, that was very early indeed 🙂

-I’ll miss calling him ‘Sammy Claus’ at Christmas time

-How he loved riding in the car and checking out everything, we called him ‘passenger man Sam’

-How everytime we came home from running an errand or whatever, he would inspect us thoroughly with his nose to determine where we’d been

-How he grew into his big, floppy, ‘Dumbo’ ears

-How he was stuck temporarily in the tree chasing a squirrel

-How he toppled over with his lampshade after his ‘operation’

-How he snapped to attention and wanted to put his nose out the window everytime we passed the zoo

-How he was spoiled with cookies at the ferry toll booth, and got so excited, expecting the same thing, going through a drive-through, and even with the customs officials, traveling across the border!

He was a very happy little man.

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4 Responses to Things my mom (and me) loved about Sammy, sweet boy…

  1. isabella says:

    makes me smile and cry. how beautiful… 🙂

  2. Ed says:

    Same thing here, smiling and crying. So beautiful, he was much loved by you and your mom. Wish I had the chance to meet him before all this happened. He sounds just like my dog, Peanut, an English pointer and black lab mix. All this makes me want to hug and hold him and never let go, but he always wiggles out of the hug.
    May you rest in peace Sammy.
    Take care, Lisa.

  3. bellaluna15 says:

    This had me in tears but the little things he use to do were so adorable I can’t help but to feel as tho I knew him. .rest in peace play, with the angels forever never to feel pain again

  4. Thank you bella luna, beautiful moon, Sammy was truly the best, I am trying to keep from falling apart, he was so special as you can see, thank you for your sweet thoughts 🙂 We will love Sammy forever.

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