No longer a ‘streetwalker’…..

Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent at Seattle City Light last week at a press conference who admitted that ‘contact voltage’ killed my Sammy. After a third reported electric shock incident last week which happened in Seattle’s High Point neighborhood, I had believed all along that more electric shock incidents could occur and that Sammy’s tragedy was not isolated as City officials would like us all to believe. This deadly hazard is happening in our city.

To see Jorge Carrasco’s press conference, please visit:
25:19 of this video.

It’s been 18 days since I lost my best buddy, Sammy. I miss him so much. I’ve had to re-think about how and where I want to exercise and how I want to spend time with my (other) dog Lucy. We no longer walk the streets of Seattle. I am too terrified of the risk, yes, life is a risk, but I never thought walking down a benign sidewalk would ever be deadly. I was wrong. I do not want to scare people, this is not my intention. I just want to bring awareness of contact voltage and ways we can keep safe (see Sammy’s Safety Tips blog entry). There are also blog entries on the definition of contact voltage.

We now walk Green Lake, or the many hiking trails of Discovery Park, Cougar Mountain and other hiking areas.

The City of Seattle and Seattle City Light need to understand that Sammy was killed, he was not just a dog, he was unique and special, he was a living creature that enjoyed life so much, was so happy, and did not deserve to die. He still had so much to enjoy in life and now he is dead and will never have another hug, kiss, belly rub, hike or trip to look forward to.

What I want from the City of Seattle and Seattle City Light?

I want a comprehensive contact voltage preventive program implemented, I want routine checks and maintenance for contact voltage to keep our streets and sidewalks safe for our families and pets. Contact voltage is preventable, the City needs to take action and protect the streets and sidewalks that we, as residents should feel safe to walk on with our kids and pets. There are effective methods for accomplishing this! New York City and Toronto, Ontario are just a couple of cities that have taken the necessary steps to fix this (contact voltage) problem.

Sammy was an innocent victim, he did not need to die…he will be remembered forever and I will always love him.

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6 Responses to No longer a ‘streetwalker’…..

  1. JRZGRL1 says:

    I am pleased to hear about this, Lisa. Your dedication to making the world a better, safer place for humans & non-humans alike is very inspiring to me. God bless you & bless your beloved Sammy.

  2. Thank you, you too 🙂

  3. Our companion animals are so very much an important part of our lives.

    I am sure the officials that you are talking to have pets of their own. It would be interesting to know how many of them are freely walking them down city street sidewalks without thinking about what might happen.

    I am amazed in wondering why this discussion hasn’t moved on to recognizing what might have happened to a small child falling forward and contacting that metal plate with an outstretched hand. This is not an inconvenient problem but a public health threat that needs to be widely exposed, discussed, and steps taken to make sure that there are continuing efforts to check this situation city wide on a regular basis.

  4. Absolutely! My mom and I were discussing the very same thing about (a child) being the innocent victim, simply by walking and tripping or falling down on the sidewalk (as many kids tend to do) reaching out and touching not just the metal plate, but the LAMP POST which was also energized and deadly. This is why I want to see major changes in the City of Seattle’s public safety program with regard to monitoring and reducing contact voltage in our city. There are effective methods for accomplishing this!

  5. jo figurelli says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your pal Sammy. I’ve had my pup for about a year now and I can’t imagine not having him sweet little face to come home to everyday.

    If there is anything I can do to help you or your quest for justice let me know.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet thoughts. One way to help is to email City officials (there is a specific blog entry to help supporters entitled, “Sammy Needs Your Help” and all of the necessary email addresses including an example of a letter that you can use, feel freee to add anything else you would like. This will help, it won’t take you long either, all of the info you need is in my blog, just send it off! Thank you again, ~Lisa and Sammy

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