Public safety needs to be a priority in our city….

Today, I learned that more contact voltage was discovered in several different areas in our city. Our Superintendent at Seattle City Light has said on a few occasions, that my Sammy’s death was isolated and when a second incident reported that a dog last week became “wary” of a street light pole when walking passed it, was the so-called “second isolated” incident. First, the dog that became “wary” of a light pole was actually experiencing an electric shock…dogs cannot smell voltage, they can only sense by what they FEEL, and what they felt was an actual shock. Secondly, how can two incidents be isolated? Isolated is: singular, only, exceptional, it does not mean multiple. Thirdly, we learn today that more contact voltage exists in other areas of our city, including Capitol Hill, First Hill and Central District. It is important to note that 10 contact voltage incidents were reported, but our City has acknowledged faults in ONLY three of the 10. This is not acceptable!! We also learned today that a man reported his dog while walking on Thanksgiving Day near Greenwood area had also experienced an electric shock, but thankfully survived.
City Light was dispatched:
“City Light this afternoon says a man saw today’s coverage and called to report that his dog may have been shocked on Greenwood Ave, also on Thanksgiving. City Light crew today found that the pole was, indeed, “energized”:
This afternoon, Dec. 15, a customer who heard the reports of energized streetlight poles, called us to let us know that his dog might have been shocked in the 8500 block of Greenwood Avenue North on Thanksgiving Day. The dog was not injured. Crews were immediately dispatched to the area and did find an energized hand hole cover. The plate and the pole were de-energized until a cause could be determined and repairs made.”

This is a SERIOUS issue and as a community we need to work together to get this problem fixed. Contact voltage will NOT go away on its own. Seattle City Light needs to hire a team of contact voltage experts to survey our streets and lamp poles to ensure public safety. There is a particular method that works best for reducing, if not eliminating contact voltage through the use of a mobile detection device. Our city needs to invest in this survey method and take action to erradicate contact voltage and prevent any more deaths and injuries.

If we do not work together as a community to prevent this deadly hazard from killing again, the City of Seattle and Seattle City Light will not treat this serious issue as a priority and make the necessary changes in our public safety. I can’t walk down a street any more without feeling terrified that someone or myself, or another precious pet will be electrocuted and killed. I won’t let this happen again. We can’t let our City officials let this deadly hazard fall by the wayside, they need to take action so that we can all feel safe walking on sidewalks and streets.

To see the full article on the discovery of more contact voltage in other areas of our city:

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3 Responses to Public safety needs to be a priority in our city….

  1. Gordon says:

    I 1000% agree! This situation is outrageous. I’m now too afraid to take my dog on a walk down my own street!!! He needs excercise but I feel we are now hostages in our own home!!!!!

  2. Thank you Gordon, we need to stay on top of the City of Seattle and Seattle City Light. This is way too serious of an issue, we need to be able to walk on our streets with our best buddies and feel and be safe! Thanks for your support. I won’t give up!

  3. Dave Berger says:

    I have four dogs myself, Great dane,(Abbey), Yellow Lab(Bella), Cocker Span.(Biskit) amd A Puggle (Ava). The Berger family is very sorry for your loss. Our dogs are part of the family and we walk them daily.. I know it was probably a sad holiday, but heres the good news , you will feel much better when you find another puppy and do it sooner than you can close this chapter and start a new one…….All dogs go to heaven. God Bless Sammy


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