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SCL Inspections

Seattle City Light has hired two companies to inspect the 20,000 metal streetlights and 10,000 ‘hand hole’ plates for contact voltage. They will be publishing (it appears) weekly status reports on their Power Lines blog. You can follow their progress here:
Once the initial inspections and surveys are complete, it is imperative that SCL schedule routine maintenance inspections on a regular schedule, and document these inspections, as well as acceptance procedures for new installations of streetlights. After all, deterioration does occur.
Contact voltage is not unique to streetlights, as the latest finding in downtown Seattle exhibited. The voltage had ‘leaked’ to a mailbox, bike rack, etc., energizing many surfaces.
We need to protect our loved ones from this danger.

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4 Responses to SCL Updates

  1. Here is a story from just about 5 years ago outlining the efforts to find contact voltage sources using a new technology with an outfitted truck that could roll down the street at <15 mph and pick up stray voltage leaks. I am sure this technology has been improved upon by now. The article gives the background of a number of dogs being electrocuted in Boston and Cambridge that caused this surveying to be done. Additionally the story brings up the unique concerns of visually impaired persons that move about the city using guide dogs. These folks can't refuse to "walk" their dogs on the street.
    I don't know when this is going to be resolved, but it appears like many things that companies don't take these situations seriously until it threatens the profit margin. Perhaps being seriously fined for every incidence of harm to human or animal is the only answer to get this situation the attention it deserves and to keep the continuing efforts going to find broken equipment as part of normal operating procedures.

  2. JRZGRL1 says:

    Hello, Lisa. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m glad that SCL is honoring Sammy’s memory by at least looking at the issue of contact voltage & taking some action. Thinking of you & your beloved little boy.

  3. Beth & Rex says:

    Great news. Saw it on KING5 last night. See what persistence and insistence can do. You (and Sammy) have helped save more lives…giving meaning to your horrible lose.

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