In Memoriam: Roger Lane

I would like to share an important and special link with you As you know, Jodie Lane, Jodie S. Lane Foundation ( was killed from contact voltage in January 2004 while walking her dogs in NYC. Sadly, her father recently passed away and I would like to honor him in this blog. Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to meet or know Mr. Lane and his lovely daughter, nor had I even heard of them until my dog was killed in November 2010 by the same deadly hazard that killed Jodie. At the same time, I feel as if I do know them, very personally and have a special connection with them, perhaps because we all share a similar experience.

Mr. Lane immediately contacted me via my blog when he heard of Sammy’s death and shared his daughter’s story and memory with me while educating me about the dangers and risks of contact voltage. I can honestly say that I know how Mr. Lane felt, losing someone so important, so loved and so cherished to such a horrible tragedy. I am very grateful that he shared his experience and important information on contact voltage, so that I, in turn, can share it with others in hope of preventing such tragedies from happening again. Roger Lane also believed that the utility company be held responsible and accountable for his daughter’s death, he did not want another parent to suffer from such a tremendous loss. I admire his steadfastness and tireless efforts in avenging Jodie’s death, he has made a significant impact in bringing change and awareness in public safety, resulting in saving many lives. Today, because of my experience, when I walk down the street I always think of Sam, I avoid all metal plates on sidewalks, I am afraid to be near light poles….my life has changed. It is my goal to ensure that Mr. Lane, his daughter Jodie and Sammy’s legacies continue on, so that I can help others and their pets keep safe.
Rest in Peace Jodie and Roger….and Sammy.

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