CBS News Coverage: Contact Voltage-America’s hidden and deadly danger…

Excellent coverage on contact voltage aired on CBS News. Though I wish they would’ve also included animals which are at a very high, and even sometimes higher risk for contact voltage since they are barefoot (barepawed in Sam’s case) 100% of the time (even booties won’t save their precious life), but nonetheless, very informative. It’s a short segment (below link) that will help to keep you and your furkids safe!

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4 Responses to CBS News Coverage: Contact Voltage-America’s hidden and deadly danger…

  1. I caught the comment that Seattle was one of the few cities that regularly evaluates for stray voltage in their equipment. Yeah, well … thank Sammy for that – because it was not being done before his death.

    • Yes, I noticed that being said as well, but remember, seeing is believing! Seattle City Light said last May they will conduct annual contact voltage testing, presumably to begin in September or October. I’ll believe it when I see it. Thank you for your comment. Sammy has been gone almost 10 months, still feels like yesterday that he died.

  2. I would suggest near the anniversary of Sammy’s tragic death that you contact the television news stations with a well written release statement about the event and ask them to go to City Light and investigate as to how they have structured their continuing efforts to scan their systems, find defective equipment and repair it. They openly reported the numbers and areas of stray voltage sites when they did their initial survey this last year. I think pushing them to continue to report that information openly will ensure they are actually testing equipment on a regular basis.

    If it appears that they are not paying attention to it, getting a news crew down to the site of a stray voltage site and having some experienced person spark a ground wire or light a light bulb off of a stray voltage source would sure get their attention to being more diligent.

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