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Dear Hydro-Quebec, City of Montreal…….

I feel it is important to share a comment that was made in The Montreal Gazette relating to article, “Lamppost’s stray voltage kills dog”.  It’s an important and significant message to send to Hydro-Quebec and the City of Montreal: “What a terrible tragedy! … Continue reading

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Montreal The Gazette:”Lamppost’s stray voltage kills dog”

“Thank you for writing about Lily. She was truly an amazing loving dog and I miss her so much it hurts…I just don’t know what to do with myself”-Kelly Downs Street shocks have been reported across North America, especially in … Continue reading

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Montreal: Dog Lily Electrocuted….

What Is Contact Voltage? Contact voltage is electricity that may be present on the surface of outdoor structures like streetlighting equipment, street signs and other energized fixtures, posing a serious shock hazard. I would like to express my deepest sympathy … Continue reading

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City of Mountlake Terrace: Contact Voltage Testing Saves Lives!

I just received this comment from a viewer and would like to share it here.  Coincidentally, when I received this comment, I, too, had been crying…..missing my beloved dog Sam. “Hi, Lisa, I’m crying again for your loss as I leave this message.  … Continue reading

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